Since its creation in 2008, the aim of the Language Academy PIRAMIDE is to offer its students an optimal quality of teaching through the use of the latest modern pedagogical techniques.

We are convinced that a new language can only be spoken fluently if it has a strong and stable base (like a pyramid).
We offer this base, a language learning with a method that teaches to speak the chosen language through conversation without leaving aside the command of the written language.

For this reason we guide the study of the different areas (grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, etc.) to the oral practice because we want our students to be able to communicate. To achieve this, all classroom activities are focused on speaking and listening, since the initial levels, and the classes are provided entirely in English.

2nd - Constant monitoring and evaluation

How do we evaluate your learning?

  • Thanks to our system of small groups, the teacher makes a faithful and continuous student-teacher bond easier than in large groups.
  • Also, students have homework every day. We are convinced that it is very important to do a little review of what they have studied in class.
  • At the end of every month, there's a test that assesses the knowledge acquired from the unit studied. This test also guides the teacher during the rest of the course to support and help their students.

The homework and the results of the monthly tests can be consulted on the Piramide website by entering with the personal password of each student. The monthly individual report evaluates the main competencies (speaking, writing, listening, etc.), but also other aspects such as participation, attention, respect, use of English in class, ...

The monthly test result also appears in the report along with the class average.

Students have to achieve an average of 70% in the monthly exams and in the final exam in order to advance to the next level


Piramide has 3 centres with an exceptional environment.

There are 16 spacious classrooms with sunlight and windows.

The main school in Cubelles is a house with 7 classrooms and 2 patios (one front and one back)

We also have another building in the centre of town that has 4 classrooms. In this academy we receive adolescents who are preparing for the official PET, FCE and CAE exams

In Cunit there is another school, a house with 5 classrooms and a garden around the house.

This exceptional environment is conducive to language learning and provides a perfect environment for first-rate training.


In Piramide we have one long trajectory in preparation for official Cambridge exams. We are official preparation center of CAMBRIDGE ENGLISH.

Our success ranges between 90% - 100%. This percentage shows the candidates who pass their Cambridge exam after having classes in Piramide.

We believe that the data speaks for itself and, thanks to it, we can guarantee that PIRAMIDE is a synonym of quality and success.

We know that our students are at stake in such a test and we do our best to ensure that all of them can pass.