Cubelles / Cunit, June 2021

1. The 2021-2022 school year will begin on September 1, 2021 and end on June 17, 2022.

2. Tuition is only paid at Piramide for the first year.

If the monthly fee is paid correctly, that is, 10 monthly installments paid before the 16th of the current month, there is no need to pay tuition again the following school year. Otherwise, or in case the student decides to leave the course and later wants to start over, Piramide will have the right to charge a new registration fee.

3. The price of a course of 1 hour and a half per week = € 470 per school year

The price of a course of 2 hours per week = € 630 per school year

The price of a course of 2 and a half hours per week = € 750 per school year

The price of a course of 3 hours per week (FCE2 + CAE2) = € 850 per school year

Books and supplementary reading dossiers for PET2, FCE2 and CAE2 are paid for separately.

4. Paying the entire year in advance (total amount paid before September 30, 2021) you can benefit from a 5% discount on the total amount to be paid (discount not applicable for the payment of books or tuition).

5. The amount of the course to be paid can be divided into ten monthly payments, at no additional cost.

The monthly fee will be charged by bank on the 1st or 15th of the current month, or the student will pay it by bank transfer before the 16th of the current month.

In case of not having made the payment before the last day of the current month, € 5 will be added for administration expenses.

6. Two members of the same family (direct relationship) will have a 5% discount on the monthly fee, three members of the same family (direct relationship) will have a 10% discount on the monthly fee.

Discounts will only be applied when the payment deadline is respected (before the 16th of the current month).

The maximum discount per family is 10%.

7. In case of return of the bank payment, € 5 of bank charges will be added to the amount owed. From the third return during the same school year, bank charges will go up to € 10 per return.

8. If the student cannot attend a class, it is possible to make up the missed class on another day, as long as there is availability of the day, time, level and free place. In no case will a part of the monthly payment be paid nor will the money be returned.

9. Cancellations will be communicated personally at the Cubelles office before the 20th of the month.

10. For a definitive withdrawal from the contracted course, it will be necessary to notify the withdrawal one month in advance of the payment date of the month in which the withdrawal will be made.

11. After Easter, we will open the reservation for our summer esplai. Since the places are super-limited, it is necessary to pay a reservation of 50% of the total payment when the registration is made.

If the student cannot come to the esplai because she/he are sick, she/he will be able to make up the day (s) in the same summer or the next. In no case will there be money refunds.

12. We ask our students to wear appropriate clothing to attend classes. You cannot enter class with tops, shorts that are too short or beachwear.

Mobile phones are not allowed during class (both those of students and teachers). They will be left in a place reserved for mobiles in the classroom. They can only be used in some specific activities that require the use of a mobile phone.

13. Exams: Students who come 1 day a week will have an exam every 2 months, students who come 2 days a week will have an exam every month.

It is mandatory to be present on the day of the exam.

Parents are required to notify secretary Esther if the student cannot take the monthly exam.

If the student cannot attend due to illness, they will have to do so during the same week on Friday afternoon or Saturday morning. Otherwise, the student will have the average grade for the class for the monthly exam.

This exception may only be applied once in a school year.

It is not possible to make up the monthly exam during the next class because in that case the student would lose another class.

14. The average mark between the monthly exams and the final exam must be 70% (according to the minimum mark of the University of Cambridge) to pass the school year and continue to the next level.

15. Students who come to Piramide twice a week will receive a monthly digital report on our website. Students who come one day a week will receive the digital report every 2 months.

The first report will be published at the end of October.

The little ones (P3, P4 and P5) will receive a report in digital format 3 times a year, at Christmas, at Easter and at the end of the course.

16. We organize 1 parent meeting in January to which we personally invite you. There will be the possibility to speak with your child's teacher. It is very important that all parents participate in this meeting. This meeting can be booked through the website with your personal password, at the end of December.

17. To avoid shortening the duration of the classes, please do not speak to the teachers before or after the class without prior appointment. If, for any reason, you wish to have a personal meeting with the teacher or the principal, please make an appointment at our secretariat, Carrer Estació 22 in Cubelles (tel. 93 895 00 50).

18. In the event that a teacher is absent, the academy will provide a substitute teacher or another Piramide teacher, as long as there is a suitable teacher available to perform said substitution. Otherwise, the students will have to take the class together with another group of the same level. Since a casualty is a force majeure, Piramide will never return money.

19. The groups in Piramide have a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 9 students per class (10 in P3, 4, 5 classes).

Groups of the same level can be joined or separated to improve learning as long as the number of students per class is not exceeded.

20. At Piramide Academy, good behavior is essential.

We work with prizes and 'the antennas' that reflect how the student behaves.

A face with 2 antennas represents excellent behavior, 1 antenna indicates good behavior, while 0 antennas mean that the student has not behaved well or that he has forgotten to do his homework.

In the personal area of ​​our website you can see the number of antennas that your child has accumulated up to the time of the consultation.

21. For hygiene reasons we do not allow food, drinks, or sweets inside our classrooms.

You can eat the snack in the patio / garden exclusively, before entering class.

22. According to current legislation, smoking is not allowed in the academy facilities or at the door of the academy.

23. The closed areas of the patio and the garden are reserved for Piramide students.

Parents and children who are not Piramide students will wait outside the zone.

24. Children can be delivered or picked up a maximum of 10 minutes before or after class. We do not have a guard service at Piramide.

25. A Piramide academy bag will be given away with each new tuition payment. You can use it to come to class, but it is not required. We just want to prevent classes from filling up with large backpacks.

26. Students under the age of 12 cannot go home alone without written permission from their parents.

You must activate this authorization in your personal area of ​​our website.

27. If Piramide takes any photos during the activities with the students, these may be published on the website or on the academy's social networks. If the parents do not agree with the publication of photos, they must inform the secretary.

28. Disrespect towards other students, towards the teacher or towards Piramide will not be tolerated.

If the student does not behave according to the rules of the academy, we have the obligation to notify the parents and if necessary, the student will be expelled from the centre.

29. If any student requires special attention (ADD, dyslexia, allergies, diabetes, etc.), the parents must notify the secretariat.

30. As soon as we can return to normal with face-to-face classes of 9 students per class, it will no longer be possible to do the classes online (except in cases of justified immobility).

Compliance with these agreements will help us to offer quality teaching based on a good education with a balance between discipline and fun and with the aim of learning English in the best possible way.

Thank you very much for your trust in our Piramide Academy.

Eva Trappeniers

Piramide Academy Director